Lib Dems urge MP to back calls for Ministerial visit to get to grips with dental crisis as Parliament returns.

4 Sep 2023

Tom Gordon, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Harrogate & Knaresborough, has called on Andrew Jones to take action on the dental crisis, to speak up on the matter in parliament, and join Lib Dem calls for a Ministerial visit as parliament returns. 

Earlier this year Tom Gordon raised the issue of poor access to NHS dental services with Daisy Cooper MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats & Health Spokesperson. 

The Lib Dems called for Ministers to visit Harrogate to speak to dentists and patients after hearing the lack of NHS places in the area, and Harrogate District having the longest average waiting times for children with severe dental complications requiring general anaesthetic. 

Hansard, the official Parliamentary report, shows that Andrew Jones has failed to mention ‘Dentists’, ‘Dentistry’, or ‘Dental’ matters or tabled any written questions on the subject in Parliament during his 13 years as MP.  

Tom said “This is a damning record. The member of Parliament for St Albans has spoken about the dentists in Harrogate district in parliament more times this year than our own MP has done in thirteen.”

“I urge Mr Jones to join our calls for a Government Minister to visit Harrogate District, to speak with dentists, and with patients and to get a grip on this issue. 

“Whilst I do not hold Andrew Jones personally responsible for the dire state of dentistry in England, I do note that he has failed to speak up for constituents in Parliament on this matter even once in the last 13 years.”

“It should not be the role of the Member of Parliament or his staff to try and secure dental care for individuals.The system is broken, the NHS dental contact is not fit for purpose. It is the role of those in parliament to seek to fix this.” 

Mr Gordon has today written to Mr Jones today outlining the results of a Lib Dem Dental Enquiry survey, and urges the MP to Lib Dem calls for a Ministerial visit.