MP raises Harrogate NHS dentist access crisis in Parliament.

28 Feb 2023

Today in Parliament, the Liberal Democrat MP Daisy Cooper has raised the lack of NHS dentist places across North Yorkshire, highlighting the problem residents in Harrogate and Knaresborough have accessing this vital NHS service.

The Member of Parliament who took part in a debate session in the House of Commons on expanding the NHS workforce raised issues surrounding access to an NHS Dentist. She also spoke about how the lack of available GP appointments was forcing people to DIY Doctoring.

Speaking Daisy said “In Harrogate if you are lucky to find an NHS dentist taking on any new patients you face a two and half year wait to see them. This is a shocking state of affairs.” 

Daisy called on a Minister to visit Harrogate to speak to patients and Dentists to see this the situation for themselves.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Harrogate and Knaresborough, Tom Gordon said: 

“Patients in Harrogate and Knaresborough are facing an access crisis. Only yesterday I spoke with a family who moved to the area more than 18 months ago, they have been unable to find an NHS dentist and are now paying for private care. This is all too common; families are faced with a bill for private treatment or unacceptable waits to be seen by an NHS dentist.

“As a former health services researcher, I know how important it is that we get to grips with the dental crisis, and the impact that poor dental outcomes have on wider health & well-being.

“I am grateful to the Liberal Democrat MP Daisy Copper for raising this in Parliament and putting more pressure on Ministers to act to fix this access crisis.”